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Hi everyone, I’m Aik Boon, most friends address me by Boon. I’m a certified Financial Consultant (FC) under Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited, and I provide financial consultation and planning for individuals and businesses as well as brokering services for general insurance.

Before embarking on this career as a financial consultant, I served as an Officer in the Republic of Singapore Airforce (RSAF) for 16 years. Many of my friends are curious about why I left a well paying and stable job to become a FC which is something totally different. I must say it is certainly not an easy decision to make but it is definitely a career which after some serious deliberations that I am passionate to pursue and has strong beliefs in.

Financial planning is a process or journey as I see it that I have embarked on since I joined the RSAF at the age of 19, as I recognized the need to given the short tenure of the military career. Over the years, I have cultivated in myself the financial knowledge and discipline which has greatly benefitted me. This has given me the empowerment and confidence to decide on my career change to be a FC where personal finance and investment is something I enjoy doing and is also keen to share so that it can benefit you as it did for me.


I see financial planning as an important process which should be taken seriously and started early as it will have a big impact on your future and your loved ones. This job therefore comes with a heavy responsibility as proper planning and recommendations should always be given to address a client’s needs and interests. Although sales in this line is inevitable, this job should always be about clients’ needs and service first and I’m sure that the sales will then take care of itself. Ethical and sound financial planning as well as pleasant and prompt service will be the key guiding principles on how I conduct my business.


I am Committed in providing you with Professional financial consultation as well as a Positive client experience, giving you the confidence and assurance in realizing your financial aspirations.


I’m sure you would have noticed by now the title of my blog and logo – ASPIRE. What you may not have realized is that “aSPIRe” is actually the acronym for Savings, Protection, Investment and Retirement – the fundamentals of financial planning to achieve your financial aspirations. And this is what I aim for this blog to be: To create and share financial awareness and knowledge so as to improve financial literacy for everyone. At the same time, I also hope that it allows you to understand more about me at a personal level and my philosophy and values about my profession. As the logo depicts, let me be the hand to assist you in building up your tree of wealth as we journey together to meet your financial goals. It is never too late to start but it is better sooner than later that you start making plans to secure your financial future and comfort.


  • SCI Certified in Financial Advisory, Insurance (Life and Health) and Collective Investment Schemes
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (2nd Class Lower, Honours) under SAF Academic Training Award Scholarship
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Capital Management (Awarded Mike Gorrie HRM award)

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